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Automotive Dealership Services

At D’Angelo & Associates, Inc., our long-term commitment to providing proactive and innovative solutions for automotive dealerships will greatly benefit your dealership.  All of the benefits your dealership will receive from D’Angelo & Associates, Inc.’s automotive dealership services are a direct result of the familiarity of the industry due to our extensive automobile experience.

Business Advisory Services
As business advisors, we are experienced with the unique nature of the automotive industry.  We offer the following business advisory services, which are directed specifically toward the automotive industry.

  • Assistance with benchmarking aimed at increasing and monitoring profitability in each department.
  • Operational reviews of dealerships.
  • Evaluation of dealer financial statements.
  • Engineering cost reduction programs.
  • Automotive dealership valuations.
  • Analysis in acquisition & sales of dealerships.
In the income tax area, we are very proactive in minimizing your tax liability though various tax planning and tax savings/deferral programs.  As a result of our automotive emphasis, our tax products are designed specifically toward automotive dealerships.  We also participate in the development of new tax products to benefit all of our automotive clients.  The following are just a few of the products we offer that may benefit your dealership.
  • Tax planning services.
  • Tax compliance services
  • Tax planning strategies taking advantage of the most recently enacted tax legislation.
  • Assistance with analyzing F&I opportunities including reinsurance companies.
  • Analysis and implementation of captive insurance company concepts.
  • Cost segregation services providing accelerated depreciation deductions on building and other dealership facilities.
  • LIFO analysis and calculations for dealers on the Last In First Out inventory method.
  • Assistance with real estate tax issues.
Accounting & Auditing
Through our specialized involvement in the automotive industry, we have developed the following value added services.

  • Accounting Department Support - we can help your dealership by enabling your accounting staff to work more effectively for you.  Through our involvement in the automotive industry, we have developed the most efficient and effective ways of dealing with common issues within automotive accounting.  Your dealership will benefit by receiving accurate and timely internal information in order for you to make important business decisions.
  • Fraud Investigation - One area every dealer needs to be concerned with is theft or fraud.  We have been involved in many dealership fraud audits and we are aware of the areas which fraud occurs.  Additionally, we can help you structure your internal controls to minimize the risk of fraud.
  • Assurance Services - Many dealerships are required to provide financial statements as a form of assurance for bank and/or floor plan purposes.  These statements are traditionally seen as an expense of doing business.  However, due to our concentration in the auto industry, we are familiar with a broad range of value added services.  As a result, many of the advisory or tax services advantageous to your dealership will be recognized at this time.
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